“Over the last seven years, I have worked personally with Cornerstone Select Builders on several large-scale multi-family renovation projects, and I find their quality of workmanship and attention to detail to be first-rate. Additionally, Cornerstone’s project management and communication with myself and our property teams have been seamless and continue to be a model for all our renovation projects. I give an enthusiastic recommendation to anyone considering doing business with Cornerstone Select Builders.”

— Scott Nicoll, Redevelopment Project Manager

“With well-earned respect, I confidently recommend Cornerstone Select Builders and their management team for tenant improvement, interior and exterior renovations, and other complex construction projects. Over the past several years, Cornerstone Select Builders has consistently been awarded high-priority projects by myself and other project managers with Equity Residential based on their ability to be competitively priced, complete projects on time, and value engineer challenges that arise during every renovation project. The success of any complex project depends in large measure on the team assembled, and the team’s ability to communicate and work collaboratively and unselfishly towards the goal. Equity Residential looks forward to many more years of a successful, professional partnership with Cornerstone Select Builders.”

— James Melling, Construction Services Manager II

“Cornerstone Select Builders has [been], and continues to be, a valued resource and general contractor for MG Properties Group. Cornerstone has provided a wide variety of general contracting services for MG Properties Group over the years, and their quality work, reliability, adherence to compressed time frames, and overall integrity are several reasons we consistently retain Cornerstone on the most challenging projects. Cornerstone has demonstrated a willingness to partner with MG Properties Group and provide innovative approaches to complete difficult projects on time and on budget.”

— Marc Wing, Vice President – Construction

“Shea Properties has worked with Cornerstone for the past several years on capital improvement projects and found them to be exceptional in their quality of work and reliability. Due to Cornerstone’s work ethics, bidding practices, and adherence to our budgetary guidelines, they have become one of our primary contractors on most major R/R projects. At Shea Properties, excellent customer service is essential to not only our residents, but our site staff as well. Cornerstone has continually provided us with employees that are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in all facets of work presented to them.”

— Bill Rees, Operations Manager, SAC

“I have worked with the folks at Cornerstone Select Builders for at least twenty years that I can remember, part of which was under their previous company name of Dream Builders Construction. Our range of projects have included both interior and exterior work, ranging in cost from just a few thousand up to several hundreds of thousands. Of particular note is their ability to work with architects and engineers to navigate the city permit submittal process. Projects Cornerstone has completed requiring this type of coordination are as follows:

1. Rebuild of a fire-damaged dumpster/storage building at Central Park Apartments in Sunnyvale, CA.

2. Addition of washers & dryers at three Foster City CA Properties and also added laundry capacity to 964 units.

3. Dry rot repairs to staircase stringers and balconies in Livermore, CA

It is always difficult to assign a particular niche to any one vendor, so hopefully the below list fills in some of the blanks regarding their capabilities:

1. The Pointe in Fairfield, CA: Work included helical pier installations for building stabilization, the addition of drainage and grading which included 600 lineal feet of concrete V-ditch, and restoration of one building’s end four units to proper elevation after the hillside beneath had receded.

2. The Villages in Cupertino, CA: Exterior upscale rehab of the entire 468 unit property in addition to replacing dry rot, reconfiguring utility closets and renovating the fitness center.

3. Heritage Village in Fremont, CA: Performed high-quick decorator renovations and upgraded ADA-required property features.

There are many other projects we have completed together, though available space limits the listing.”

— Kirk Ohlendorf, Vice President – Building Services